Run in Finland

Welcome to Vantaa!

We have the biggest winter road race here and it's also possible to run in new year's evening
by Harri Mannermaa

AKTIA WINTER ROAD RACE CUP (From November to March)

Place and address:
Sotungin koulu (School of Sotunki)
Sotungintie 19, 01200 Vantaa

This five (5) part road race is the biggest and most popular winter road race in Finland with 300 - 500 participants in every competition. It starts every November and lasts till March. It is possible to run all five races or less. You can also choose every time how long race you prefer to run, 5 or 10 kilometers. The running route is always the same so it's easy and interesting for every runner to compare times from month to month. The top runners will be rewarded in March after the final race.

More information and registration


NEW YEAR'S RUN (December 31)

Place and address:
Lehtikuusen koulu (School of Lehtikuusi)
Hiirakkotie 18, 01200 Vantaa

Running with good friends is the best way to end everybody's year! This is a 10 km's road race starting at 7 o'clock pm when the evening is becoming dark and there are already a lot of new year's rockets in the sky. It's time to think about new year's promices... Magic! The atmosphere is very special during the whole competition. Come and feel it yourself!

More information and registration (in Finnish):


These both races are organized in Hakunila, Vantaa. It's easy to come to Hakunila either by your own car or by bus. If you come by bus, please find the best routes here:

Photos by Ari Lassila